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FFN: Reebok Re-brands with Familiar Logo

Reebok is about to announce that they will be re-branding as part of the ownership of the brand being managed and owned by Adidas.

Reebok sales are not where they used to be so the company is looking at taking advantage of the ownership relationship with Adidas to inject some new life into a brand that saw their market diminish over the years.

In North America they lost their NFL contract to Nike and in the world of sneakers and kits, Nike continues to dominate, while in Europe Adidas still seems to be the stronger brand. Reebok is looking at capitalizing on that and drop their old logo and adapt the Adidas logo instead in what will be seen as a merger of both brands into one.

It is not known at this time if the famous manufacture will be cutting jobs as part of this reorganization and re-branding, but all signs point to it, as they will be using the existing designers and resources currently available to Adidas.

Reebok is looking at making a push into a market that has seen brands like Puma and Under Armour surpassing them. Something had to be done to avoid the death of Reebok. This seems to be a compromise and a way of freshen things up, which could easily help their sales numbers for their second quarter of FY15.

Late in 2015, Reebok is also looking at expanding their sports market into professional wrestling with an exclusive contract with WWE. The re-branding that is currently taking place is to appeal to a younger demographic that is already established and currently using Adidas products. WWE and Reebok target similar demographics so this partnership makes complete business sense.

At the time of this story coming out Adidas, Reebok and WWE were asked to comment, but all parties denied making any announcements or comments at this time.

More to come.

Thank you for reading FootyFair's Friday Fake News. Please note that none of the above is true.



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