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Concepts: Miami White Stars

So the (planned) MLS Expansion in Miami seems to be getting a lot of concept artwork attention lately, even though the club is not technically confirmed as of yet. And after featuring an incredible design for "Inter Miami FC" a little while back, today we have a design by Ivan Brito for a club he calls the Miami White Stars.

Unfortunately Brito does not explain his work whatsoever, so for this one I have to go pretty much with what I see.

Certainly, the first very obvious thing is that the design would not only look sharp, but the color combination would be quite unique to Major League Soccer with the black, white and gold concept.

Below is a fantastic illustration of how Brito creates the star out of the letters MWS, the acronym for the club's name.

While the home kit is not my favorite to be honest (a bit busy for my liking), I could see the home shirt being a big seller around the league.

And of course the application of the brand on items such as t-shirts and tickets is also presented by the designer in a very professional manner, showcasing the new club's design in various mediums.



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