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PFA Young Player of the Season 2000-2010. Where are They Now?

When it comes to young players you don't exactly know how the future may pan-out, although with some there's a better idea than with others. This year's PFA Young Player award was won by Spurs youngster Harry Kane, But where will he be in 5 or 10 years?
As you know, we here at FootyFair always give credit to those that inspire us to write a piece or when we use somebody's designs. And as much as we try to put our spin on things, this piece put together on Reddit by user "OneSlyPanda" is pretty much perfect just the way it is.
Here is his list of all the footballers to have won the award from 2000 to 2010 and a quick look at where they are now.


Player: Steven Gerrard
Club: Liverpool
Position: Midfielder
Age: 20
  • 702 career appearances, 183 goals (all for Liverpool).
  • 114 England caps, 21 goals.
  • Career silverware: MBE, 1 Champions League, 2 FA Cups, 3 Leauge Cups, Gensis Fanclub Heavyweight Champion 2008, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Community Shield and 2 UEFA Super Cups.
  • Due to leave Liverpool for LA Galaxy in 2015.
  • Only player to have scored in the final of the FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup and Champions League.
Famous for: Being able to absolutely leather a ball from miles out. Over and over and over again. Early adopter of "the thunderbastard". Sometimes living in a scouse remake of The Sopranos.


Player: Craig Bellamy
Club: Newcastle United
Position: Forward
Age: 22
  • 546 career appearances, 170 goals.
  • 128 appearances for Newcastle United, 43 goals.
  • 78 Wales caps, 19 goals.
  • Career silverware: 1 League Cup, 1 Scottish Cup, 1 Community Shield and 1 Championship title.
  • Retired in 2014, currently an academy coach at Cardiff City.
  • First player to score for seven different Premier League clubs
Famous for: Starting the Craig Bellamy Foundation in Sierra Leone, which provides free education and football coaching. A few off the pitch scuffles, and most commonly, his love for golf.


Player: Jermaine Jenas
Club: Newcastle United
Position: Midfielder
Age: 19
  • 431 career appearances, 46 goals.
  • 152 appearances for Newcastle United, 12 goals.
  • 202 appearances for Tottenham Hotspurs, 26 goals.
  • 21 England caps, 1 goal.
  • Career silverware: 1 League Cup.
  • Released by QPR at the end of the 2013/14 season after recovering from a ruptured ACL, now works as a pundit for the BBC.
Famous for: Honestly can't think of anything. Being injured maybe? I even googled "Jermaine Jenas famous goal" and the first result is this so I guess the lad can score at least.


Player: Scott Parker
Club: Charlton Athletic/Chelsea
Position: Midfielder
Age: 23
  • 494 career appearances, 35 goals.
  • 145 appearances for Charlton Athletic, 11 goals.
  • 18 England caps, 0 goals.
  • Career silverware: 1 League Cup, 1 Premier League title, 1 First Division (Championship) title, and 1 Intertoto Cup.
  • Began his career at Charlton Athletic after accidentally flying his Spitfire through a wormhole in 1938.
  • Only player to get his first four England caps playing for four different clubs.
  • Currently playing for Fulham.
Famous for: Winning FWA Footballer of the Year despite West Ham being relegated, being one of the safe squares on "Who's 'Arry Gonna Sign?" bingo.

2004/05, 2005/06

Player: Wayne Rooney
Club: Manchester United
Position: Midfielder/Striker
Age: 19, 20
  • 548 career appearances, 246 goals.
  • 471 appearances for Manchester United, 229 goals.
  • 101 England caps, 46 goals.
  • Career silverware: 5 Premier League titles, 2 League Cups, 3 Community Shields, 1 Champions League and 1 Club World Cup.
  • Third player in history to win the award two seasons in a row (along with Ryan Giggs and Robbie Fowler).
  • Looks like a nice bloke who would take care of your nan.
  • Currently playing for Manchester United.
Famous for: Holds the record for most expensive transfer for a player under the age of 20 (Manchester United paid Everton £25.6 million). Being a fantastic striker as well as Mike Myer's muse.


Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Club: Manchester United
Position: Forward
Age: 21
  • 609 career appearances, 417 goals.
  • 292 appearances for Manchester United, 118 goals.
  • 289 appearances for Real Madrid, 294 goals.
  • 118 Portugal caps, 52 goals.
  • Career silverware w/ Manchester United: 3 Premier Leauge titles, 1 FA Cup, 2 League Cups, 1 Community Shield, 1 Champions Leauge, 1 Super Cup and 1 Club World Cup.
  • Career silverware w/ Real Madrid: 1 La Liga title, 2 Copa del Reys, 1 Supercopa de Espana, 1 Champions League, 1 Super Cup and 1 Club World Cup.
  • Second highest paid athlete in the world (behind Floyd Mayweather Jr). It's $80 million a year if you wanted to feel bad about your job.
  • Currently the focus of a series of civil and well reasoned internet debates regarding his position in world football.
  • Currently playing for Real Madrid.
Famous for: Being the most expensive transfer in football before Gareth Bale, being a right winker, getting sent to the moon by James Morrison (let me have this). Look, I had to split his career silverware into two separate sections he's won so much. Reread those statistics, they're insane. He's famous for being Cristiano Ronaldo.


Player: Cesc Fabregas
Club: Arsenal
Position: Midfielder
Age: 20
  • 491 career appearances, 103 goals.
  • 303 appearances for Arsenal, 57 goals.
  • 151 appearances for Barcelona, 42 goals.
  • 94 Spain caps, 13 goals.
  • 3 Catalonia caps, 0 goals.
  • Career silverware w/ Arsenal: 1 FA Cup and 1 Community Shield.
  • Career silverware w/ Barcelona: 1 La Liga title, 1 Copa del Rey, 2 Supercopa de Espanas, 1 Super Cup and 1 Club World Cup.
  • Currently playing for Chelsea FC.
Famous for: Absolutely tearing up a league for half a season then pissing off to present at the Brits for 6 months, also the first human to be born part man, part football club.


Player: Ashley Young
Club: Aston Villa
Position: Midfielder
Age: 23
  • 403 career appearances, 72 goals.
  • 190 appearances for Aston Villa, 38 goals.
  • 103 appearances for Manchester United, 12 goals.
  • 30 England caps, 7 goals.
  • Career silverware: 1 Premier League title and 1 Community Shield.
  • Currently playing for Manchester United.
Famous for: Honestly I'm not really sure. He was really good for Watford for a bit and one time a bird shit in his mouth. So there's that I guess.


Player: James Milner aka The Yorkshire Figo.
Club: Aston Villa
Position: Midfielder
Age: 23
  • 542 career appearances, 55 goals.
  • 126 appearances for Aston Villa, 22 goals.
  • 187 appearances for Manchester City, 24 goals.
  • 53 England caps, 1 goal.
  • Career silverware: 2 Premier Leauge titles, 1 FA Cup, 1 Community Sheild and 1 League Cup.
  • Currently playing for Manchester City.
Famous for: Being the most interesting man in the world.


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