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10 Hilariously Bad Footballer Pencil Drawings (Gallery)

Our readers know that we appreciate good art when the subject is football, but not all artists get it right. Here are 10 pencil drawings that may resemble the footballer it meant to represent, it sure as hell not a genius work of art.




  1. Nothing has made me laugh so much in years as this fantastic collection of drawings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I feel like this is a bit insulting to the artists who drew these. Sure, the drawings are not perfectly accurate, but in all of them, I can at least see a few features that are accurate, like the eyes or the hair or the jerseys. There are just a few mistakes in the proportions that could be corrected, but that can come with more practice.

    I don't think that artists should be immune from criticism, but this article is not criticism, it's insults. And I feel that it's worse because these drawings have probably been done by artists who are just amateur, so constructive criticism is especially important for them.