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5 New Signings Making Miserable Faces

The transfer silly season is upon us and as players hold up the scarves of the new teams they've just signed for let's hope they attempt to smile about the prospect of leaving the bench of a Champions League powerhouse for a second tier no-hoper.

That will distinguish them from the following five players who looked positively horrified at signing for their new clubs:

Aaron Lennon - Everton

"London, Spurs, possible Champions League football...and now I'm at Everton? Well, at least they're the biggest side on Merseyside, right?"

Julien Faubert - Real Madrid

"Yeah, I know Don Alfredo... I can't believe Madrid signed me either."

Nicolas Anelka - West Brom

"Bernabeu, Parc des Princes, Stamford Bridge... The Hawthorns? Great."

Emmanuel Frimpong - Barnsley

I don't even need to make anything up for this one. Upon moving from Arsenal to Barnsley, Frimpong Tweeted: "How am I gonna draw girls now?"
Indeed, how?

Jaap Stam - Lazio

"I was badly advised when I wrote that book criticizing my Manchester United teammates."


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