5 Strange or Random Football Stories

Sure, knowing who has scored the most goals in the World Cup Finals is interesting, but what about random and strange football facts that aren't quite as commonly known?

While Miroslav Klose holds the record for the most goals in World Cup tournaments with 16, if you were wondering, did you know that Aston Villa's Chris Nicholl's once scored four goals in a 2-2 draw against Leicester in 1976? He achieved this unique feat by popping in two goals for the Villains and then belted in two own-goals for the Foxes. They didn't let him keep the match ball though sadly.

The following are five other completely random football facts and stories:

Lincoln City and Coventry City and Cancellations

During the particularly bad winter of 1963 in England, an FA Cup fixture between Lincoln City and Coventry City was called off due to weather an unprecedented 15 times. The match between the two sides was finally played 66 days after it was originally scheduled, bringing to an end the longest FA Cup round in history.

Alvin Martin's Three Man Hat-Trick

West Ham's Alvin Martin has the unique distinction of scoring a three goals against three different keepers in the same match. During his side's 8-1 demolition of Newcastle United in April 1986, Martin scored his first against Martin Thomas, his second against Chris Hedworth who had gone in goal after an injury to Martin, and then he completed his hat-trick with a goal past Hedworth's replacement Peter Beardsley.

The Ultimate Journeymen

Although the player who, by my research at least, appears to have played for the greatest number of clubs is English keeper John Burridge, who played for an incredible 29 clubs over the course of his 28 year career, spare a thought for German keeper Lutz Pfannenstiel. Not only did Pfannenstiel play for 25 different clubs over his 21 year career, but he has also been officially recognized by FIFA as the only person to have played professionally in all six FIFA confederations. Besides playing for clubs in Norway, Namibia, Brazil and New Zealand, among many others, Pfannenstiel also spent five months in prison in Singapore for being falsely accused of participating in match fixing. He was also once pronounced clinically dead while playing for Bradford Park Avenue after his lungs collapsed and his nervous system shutdown after a nasty collision with an opposing striker. Thankfully, Pfannenstiel recovered and went on to play another nine seasons.

The Shortest Managerial Reign Ever

Virtually every manager will experience the sack at some point, but possibly none will have as short a time in charge of a club as Leroy Rosenior. Appointed as the new Torquay United boss in 2007, Rosenior was sacked 10 minutes later after the sale of the club went through and the new owners quickly decided they weren't keen on him.

The Player That Gave Back

In a playoff match last season between Suffolk arch rivals Ipswich Town and Norwich City, Tractors midfielder Paul Anderson scored a crucial equalizer in the first leg at Portman Road. Jubilant Ipswich fan Ross Morgan punched his ceiling in delight, sadly putting a dent in it. We've all been there Ross. A happy ending to this tale of a celebration gone awry was provided by Anderson, who saw Morgan's tweet about his damaged ceiling and kindly offered to pay for the repairs.


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