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The Future of Football Training - TEQBALL

If you haven't come across Teqball yet, this is an innovative football training idea that combines the beautiful game with table tennis. Last year, the likes of Ronald Koeman, Jari Litmanen and Louis Saha got behind the project of what is believed to be the future of football training.

Teqball is a new sport equipment based on football (soccer), it’s like a combination of a ping pong and football.

The equipment set is like a training tool for professionals and amateurs to develop technical, concentration skills as well as stamina.

Now you can bring real football to your home, together Teqboard with its add-on can be world’s first equipment that can be used to measure technical football skills of a player in a fun way.

Playing this game, there won’t be any physical contact between players, according to the official rules, it’s forbidden to touch the equipment.

Therefore, the risk of injury is pretty low.

Each element of Teqball has been designed and developed after years of mathematical and physical calculations, the board is designed in a way that the ball always bounces out to the players.

Players would have to handle and control the ball every 2-3 seconds.

This is like a supportive tool to enhance your foot skills, mastering air-to-air ball handling. By playing Teqball, you can learn to play more confident and develop quicker decision making.

So, this is not a game of luck, the better player wins.



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