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Jose Mourinho Sounds Off on His Slacker Players

With Chelsea crashing to another defeat on Monday night to Leicester last year's champions now sit only one point above the relegation zone.
Although it's unusual to see a side falter this dramatically only a year after bringing home the title, the normal order of business when a big club falls down the table so dramatically is that the manager is quickly sacked, but so far Jose Mourinho is staying put on the Stamford Bridge touchline.

Whether or not you agree with the club's stance on the matter is one thing, but Mourinho for his part hasn't taken the club's slide lying down and after yesterday's setback he tore into his under-performing players with gusto:

“I know one of my best qualities is to read the game for my players, is to read the opponent, is to identify every detail about the opponent. And these two goals ... are two goals very difficult to accept, a big frustration to accept. Because it’s like, I feel that my work was betrayed, if that’s the right word.”

“It’s difficult for us to score goals when you have some players that are not in their best level and it’s obvious and everybody knows that. And when you have some players, especially in some crucial positions, that they don’t go to the normal level is difficult.”

"Day by day in training I have no complaints with [players]. But is it frustrating to see what they are doing in training and what they do in matches."

"We can't finish top four, but we can still finish top six because so many teams are dropping points. At the moment we are in a zone."

Interesting times at the Bridge, as the club and a lot of the supporters are still behind the manager despite the results. In the end though something will have to give.

Watch this space.


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