10 of Mick McCarthy's Funniest Quotes

After listening to Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy put a bumbling BBC interviewer in his place earlier this week, I thought it would be fun to look back at the former Republic of Ireland managers funniest quotes:

  1. "Opinions are like backsides, we've all got them but it's not wise to air them in public."
  2. "Anyone who uses the word 'quintisentially' in a half time talk is talking crap."
  3. "What I learned from Jack [Charlton] - ensure that you're all inside the tent pissing out and get rid of any fellow who's outside the tent pissing in."
  4. "Before the goal it was two rubbish teams playing rubbish football."
  5. "The Serbian keeper is a big tart doing that [going down injured] because there's nothing wrong with him."
  6. "I started [trying to give up alcohol] on Shrove Tuesday and then by Ash Wednesday something had happened and I'd had a bottle of beer."
  7. "Some people might be frustrated with that result? Some people can fuck off."
  8. "At the moment we've got 16 first team players. My initials stand for Mick McCarthy, not Merlin the Magician."
  9. "We've got the drug testers here today. They shouldn't be going to see the players. They should go to see the officials instead."
  10. Reporter: "No yellow cards today..."
    McCarthy: "No and I asked all the lads to go out there and knock seven bells out of everybody as well like I normally do. Shame that isn't it? They went out there and played free-flowing football and were rampant for 45 minutes. What were they playing at?"


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