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1 Million Visitors & the Best of FootyFair

We have reached 1,000,000 visitors and we are excited.

When FootyFair was launched about 1 year ago we didn't know what to expect. We did however, have an idea of what we wanted it to be. At FootyFair you won't find match recaps or any other football news that are featured on the big networks. Instead, you are exposed to football through humor, art, interviews, galleries, beautiful women, games & trivia and other aspects of the game that are likely less talked about but are as much a part of the beautiful game as anything else.

To celebrate this milestone, we put together some of our favorite past articles for you to enjoy (or enjoy again) in the various categories that we cover.

Football's Mavericks: George Best

In this series of articles titled Football's Mavericks Iain Jones covered some of football's most "colorful" character both on and off the pitch. George Best is up there with the best of them.


Are Colored Cleats a Sign of Homosexuality?

A Russian priest thinks that wearing colorful football boots is a sign of homosexuality.


10 Questions With a Pro - Mikaël Silvestre

An exclusive FootyFair chat with former Manchester United, Arsenal and French international defender Mikaël Silvestre.


The Monday Meltdown - World Cup Weddings

Iain Jones gives us a bunch of reasons why setting a wedding date during the FIFA World Cup (or any football tournament for that matter) is a pretty shitty idea.


Musicians Who Love Football

A look at some of the world's most popular musical artists, personalities we rarely associate with football. But these guys love the game as much as the next guy.


HOPDAYS: Dos Equis, the Jorge Campos!

Yes, there was a time when we compared footballers to various beer brands.




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