Are Colored Cleats a Sign of Homosexuality?

I have never looked at colored cleats and wonder if it would be homosexual of me to wear them, have you?

Apparently someone has, according to Alexander Shumsky, an orthodox priest in Russia, colored cleats are a homosexual trait. He went as far as to accuse Russia national team players of promoting homosexual behavior by using colorful cleats during the World Cup.

“They might as well wear woman’s underwear and a bra. The ideology of liberal globalization wants to repress the Christian values in football. I am sure of that. For this reason, I am happy that Russia was eliminated, it was God’s work, to stop them from participating in this homosexual abomination”, this was written by Shumsky in an online Christian site.

I thought that Russia reason for not advancing beyond the group stages was Fabio Capello and his strange lineup choices and the fact that Russia just wasn’t any good.

This priest proves one very important thing, that the internet is a dangerous tool when in the wrong hands. I honestly thought I had heard it all, until I heard about this. First of all who cares about someone’s sexual behavior or preferences, and second how in the name of everything that is holy is a colorful pair of cleats a sign or an omen of someone sexual preferences or behavior? How do you make that leap of faith? I just can’t wrap my head around it.

It sounds so incredibly stupid that I have no other choice but to laugh, shake my head and move on.

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  1. People give a crap about ones sexual preference because Homosexuality is perverse, and most don't want their children around it. And yes, colored cleats are gay as hell

    1. only you could watch a sport as diverse as football and yet remain this bigoted.

    2. That might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    3. Doesn't mean homosexuality is inherently wrong, nor is gay an insult.

  2. I hope you are joking and if you are it ain't funny.

  3. What a joke. It is just colors.....

  4. Should be speaking on Russia's involvement on shooting down passenger planes than commenting on pink football boots.

  5. I'm Christian orthodox as well, I don't condone homosexuality either, but I don't consider my pink mercurials as a homosexual trait.

  6. Coincidently all teams wearing colored cleats were eliminated. Some very badly