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Best Football Goals Scored by Non-Footballers

The majority of goals in football are of course scored by the players that get paid to do just that. Every once in a while however, the last touch of the ball doesn't go off a professional footballer, be it in an official match or a kickabout in the yard.

A Dog

This Argentine K9 seems to know his role in the match pretty well. Positioning himself strategically at the far post, a good cross allows the dog to score an easy tap-in.

A Beach Ball 

It'll be a long time before Liverpool fans forget about that famous beach ball that allowed Sunderland to snatch 3 points against LFC. Thrown by a fan onto the pitch, the red beach ball became quite famous as replicas were flying off the shelves after its one and only EPL appearance.

A Manager

The goal didn't count but this manager's volley from the coach's technical area is quite impressive. The bench-boss even throws his arms up in celebration and applauds towards the fans as if he had just scored the match winning goal.

A 5 Year Old

In a charity match in Russia, the retiring footballer who's name the match was held in the first place makes way to a 5 year old. After the substitution the kid scores a goal and his excitement is fantastic to see.

A Hot Streaker

Perhaps one of the most famous streaking incidents in any sport, a Spanish football fan takes her clothes off and makes her way onto the pitch. A defensive clearance of the ball places it right in her patch, only for her to score a highlight worthy goal into the bottom corner.

A Ball Boy

In one of the most bizarre instances in football, a ball-boy puts the ball in the back of the net after the initial shot was deemed to be out and a goal-kick awarded. But when the referee saw the ball inside the goal, he changed his call and awarded a goal.



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