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Are These the 30 Most Creative Passes Ever? (Video)

There is an incredible amount of compilations on Youtube when it comes to the world of football. To be honest, we see so many of them on a daily basis that we dismiss about 99.9999% of them within the first 10 seconds. Nonetheless, recently we have come across a particular video called the "Top 30 Most Creative Passes Ever". And while "ever" is quite a strong word when attached to the idea of football history, this compilation is not half bad!

Some (or even most) of the passes in the video don't end up in a spectacular goal (or the ball in the back of the net at all), but maybe that is exactly what makes this selection so good. After all, we (as football fans) tend to ignore the little things unless they lead to something spectacular and this video is exactly what we need to remind us that "the beautiful game" is indeed beautiful regardless of the final score.



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