11 Players We Hate

While reflecting on the utter villainy of Portugal's Pepe this morning, myself and two of our occasional FootyFair Round Table contributors, Jason Bramble and Adrian Sertl, started trying to put together a definitive first eleven of players we despise.

The list we roughly settled on includes players past and present, along with our reason(s) for disliking them. Let us know who would make your hated first eleven in the comments below this article.

Goalkeeper: Bruce Grobbelaar

Bruce Grobbelaar's dodgy antics in goal for Liverpool in the 1980's, along with his smugness drew the ire of many rival fans and then he did himself few favours when he got mixed up in a match fixing scandal in 1994. Although he was eventually cleared in court, he did not come out of the affair looking too reputable. When he attempted to sue The Sun after his trial for libel the presiding judge only awarded him £1 and said that "he had in fact acted in a way in which no decent or honest footballer would act and in a way which could, if not exposed and stamped on, undermine the integrity of a game which earns the loyalty and support of millions."

Defender: Alexi Lalas

For the crime of his alternative rock beard at the height of his playing days and over hyping of his ability by the American media, Alexi Lalas made our list.

Defender: Pepe

The most despicable player in football today, Pepe seems to spend half the time trying to get opponents sent off and the other half of the time aiming sly kicks at the opposition. Pepe is an absolute scumbag.

Defender: John Terry

John Terry: Chelsea's Captain, Leader, Legend, Racist, Love Rat, Dirtbag.

Defender: Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole was without a doubt a brilliant left back, but also an arrogant asshole who summed up the self absorbed bubble most modern footballers live in when he released an autobiography at age 25, in which he claims to have been betrayed by Arsenal when they only offered him a £55,000 per week contract. He also cheated on his wife, the lovely Cheryl Tweedy, with a reported score of women.

Midfield: Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal is a typical fraud hard man, who often get's stuck in without the ball and falls over under minimal contact when he has the ball himself. 

Midfield: Joey Barton

Where to start? If Joey Barton isn't copying and pasting philosophy quotes onto his Twitter feed he's doing wretched things like trying to get opponents sent off or trying to pass off some of his past transgressions off the pitch, including stubbing out a cigar in a youth team player's eye, as the follies of youth.

Midfield: Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard: The over-hyped camera kissing owner of zero Premier League winners medals.

Midfield: Sergio Busquets

The villainous Sergio Busquets, who does the dirty work for Barcelona and Spain, includes in his repertoire a litany of cynical fouls and the odd bit of play acting. He is of course a critical player for club and country but still an asshole.

Forward: Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez: A wretched mercenary who shows loyalty to no one but himself.

Forward: Rivaldo

Remember "that" shameless bit of play acting by Brazil's Rivaldo in the 2002 World Cup, when he got hit in the shins with a ball during a match against Turkey and then went down clutching his face? Douchebaggery of the highest order. 

Subs: Fabian Barthez, Rudi Voller, Landon Donovan, Craig Bellamy, Diego, Deco, Clint Dempsey, Rui Costa, Robbie Fowler



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