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The Monday Meltdown - Zlatan Ibrahimović is Getting Annoying

Everyone knows that self-proclaimed "best footballer in the world" Zlatan Ibrahimović is a bit of a cocky, say it like it is, not a care in the world type of guy. But as much as it was entertaining to see what the Swede was going to come up with next, he is starting to bother me a bit more than usual lately.

On the pitch, without having to think twice the current Paris Saint-Germain man would very likely be near the top of the list of my all-time favorite footballers. But his cocky behavior, very much like that of Jose Mourinho is starting to get on my nerves.

Perhaps his latest two stunts were my personal threshold for Ibrahimović's "I'm larger than life" type of antics. The first was in a match against Saint-Etienne when the PSG star got into an argument with an opposition player and asked to see the back of his shirt, implying that he doesn't know who he is. Give me a break man!

The other was a post-match interview in which Ibra rips into a reporter who is just doing his job. To make matters worse, he asks the journalist why he is holding the camera himself, then basically tells him that his work is 'low budget'. (see both videos below)

Is this what happens when a low-class, arrogant boy becomes rich and famous? Perhaps his autobiography explained it all, but on the other hand, not every kid that comes from a poor family and a background of questionable behavior turns into an ass once he becomes a celebrity, so what kind of example is Zlatan trying to set by simply acting like a douchebag every time he has a chance to do so?

Whatever it is, obviously getting a bit older doesn't always mean also getting wiser. At 33 years of age you would expect a professional to leave these kind of actions behind them and become ambassadors for the "beautiful" game, especially ones with his amount of talent.



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