My Five Favourite Kits of the 2014/2015 Season

So 2015 is upon us and as we stagger through day two of our hangover (What, just me?) it's always a good idea to throw on some casual comfortable clothes to make the day go smoother.

While some folk opt for sweat pants and an old Pantera t-shirt that they may have lost their virginity in, I typically throw on a comfortable pair of jeans and one of my football shirts for days like this.

This season has been a strange one for me, as I lost faith in my jersey connection last year, who could get me kits at a very reasonable rate, after a few of my supposedly 100% legit kits fell apart after two washes. So I haven't really bought many kits this year, as who the hell can afford the prices the clubs charge in this economy?

Anyhow, it pains me that I didn't buy much this year as there have been a few great offerings for the 2014/2015 season and the following are a few of my favourites:

Arsenal - Away

This offering from Arsenal is simply terrific. It's a throwback to the club's classic away strips, think Michael Thomas winning the league at Anfield in '89 in something similar, and yet has cool modern lines and styling. Nice little number, even though I'm no Gunner.

VfL Wolfsburg - Home, Away, Third,  The X-Men?

Maybe I'm still drunk, but these crazy numbers from Wolfsburg just work for me. Maybe it's because I'm an X-Men fan?

Stade de Reims - Pure Danish '86

OK, I try to keep my curse words to a minimum on this football site of ours, but I only have three words to describe Stade de Reims tribute to the one of the greatest kits ever, the one worn by Denmark at the 1986 World Cup, and that is: "YES, FUCKING, YES!"

Bursaspor - 2014/2015

The amazing collar reminds me of the 1950's with rugged looking guys wearing essentially work boots and their hair all firmly held in place with Brylcreem. The rest of the kit reminds of Saint Etienne in the 1970's and dudes with big hair. Either way you look at it, it's a damn fine kit.

Lazio - Home

Adding to my shame of dismissing Macron up until a few months ago, this offering of theirs for Lazio this season is terrific. Their maroon number is pretty sexy in a platonic way as well, of course.


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