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10 Most Iconic Commentating Moments in Football

When you sit down to watch a football match on your TV, part of the enjoyment comes from listening to the commentators calling the game. Some are dull and boring, but others bring the match to life.

When something spectacular happens that has them lose their marbles you have all you need not only for an incredible football moment but also one of the greatest commentating moments in sports in general. Sometimes the games stay in our memory more from the call than the actual moment of the game.

Here are ten of the most iconic commentating calls in football.

Stan Collymore – Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal vs England (2012-13)

Stan Collymore completely loses his mind when he sees Ibrahimovic score one of the most incredible goals ever scored. Considering it was against England makes the call even more incredible.

Gary Neville – Fernando Torres vs Barcelona (2011-12)

Neville’s call is a mix of orgasm and pain; the lack of seeing Torres scoring big goals for Chelsea and then watching this key goal would drive even the more calm man into a painful ecstasy.

Kenmeth Wolstenholme – Sir Geoff Hurst vs West Germany (1966 World Cup)

The call is iconic for the moment it represented. England had just won the World Cup on home soil. An incredible achievement that the commentator just added to it by being as controlled as he could possibly be.

John Aldridge – Dirk Kuyt vs Manchester United (2011-12)

One of the most passionate calls I have ever heard. John Aldridge just made an incredibly important goal and even bigger moment that it could possibly be. This call will for sure be one of Liverpool fans favorite.

Martin Tyler – Sergio Aguero vs QPR (2011-12)

He sounds like he just got stabbed in the back with a 10 inch knife….Aguerrroooooooo

I know the goal stunned everyone from coast to coast from the smallest to the largest country in the world. Anybody watching that game was either speechless after that goal or had no voice left.

Barry Davies – Francis Lee vs Manchester City (1974-75)

The first couple of goals Barry Davies was very subdued but when Lee scored he broke out of his shell with one iconic call. “Look at his face”, something Derby County fans will never forget, the goal and Lee’s face.

Jonathan Pearce – Teddy Sheringham vs Netherlands (Euro 1996)

Pearce has some incredible calls during this game, but the one following the Sheringham goal is just phenomenal.

Clive Tyldesley – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer vs Bayern Munich (1998-99)

United trailing Bayern Munich in the Champions League final with only extra time left to be played, Tyldesley says the following: “Can Manchester United score? They always score”. His words could not be more prophetic; United would score two goals and win the trophy.

Andy Gray – Steven Gerrard vs Olympiakos (2004-05)

I am not sure what is more incredible, the Gerrard goal or the call by Andy Gray. I am tempted to say that the call complements the incredible goal. A match made in football heaven.

Ray Hudson – Lionel Messi vs The World

A list like this could not be put together without Ray Hudson calling a Messi play. What better than that, only a compilation of Ray Hudson calling several Messi plays.


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