5 Interesting Facts About Iker Casillas

After a difficult World Cup and questions being raised about his starting place for both Spain and Real Madrid, keeper Iker Casillas has known better times.

Difficulties aside, there's no disputing that Casillas has been one of the best keepers in the world over the past fifteen years and will justifiably warrant a place on a Best Real Madrid XI of All Time.

The following are five interesting facts about Spain and Madrid's number one:

Fact 1 - He's Part of a Select Group of Captains

Iker Casillas is only the third captain in history, after Franz Beckenbauer and Didier Deschamps to lift the World Cup, the Champions League trophy and the European Championship trophy.

Fact 2 - He Cost His Father A lot of Money

As a child, Casillas cost his family an estimated €1.2m (£1m) when he forgot to mail in his father's football predictions slip on a weekend in which he had correctly predicted all 14 results.

Fact 3 - He Insured His Hands and Then Became an Insurance Spokesman

In 2007, Casillas insured his hands for €7.5m with Groupama Insurance. The policy covered his hands for injuries suffered either on or off the field. He actually became a spokesman for the insurance company and cracked that, "If I damage my knee, I'll pretend my hand hurts".

Fact 4 - Girlfriend Sara Carbonero Was Blamed for a Loss to Switzerland

Journalist Sara Carbonero and Casillas have been dating 2009, but it hasn't always been smooth sailing for the two. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup it was alleged in the media that Carbonero, reporting during Spain's opening loss to Switzerland, had distracted Casillas, causing the unexpected Swiss victory. The couple furiously denied the claims and most of the Spanish press later supported them.

Fact 5 - He Has a Contract for Life at Madrid*

In 2008, Casillas signed a contract extension up until 2017,  that includes an automatic extension if he plays 30 competitive matches during the final season of this contract, with  a buy-out clause of £113 million. However, as he'll be 36 in 2017 and Madrid are already exploring other options in goal, it's unlikely he'll play 30 matches but never say never where Casillas is concerned.



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