11 Ridiculous Quotes from Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers, football's answer to David Brent from the original UK version of The Office, has been noted for his unique outlook on the game.

Like a middle manager trying to motivate an overworked and underpaid workforce that simply don't give a shit, Rodgers has a hilarious knack of coming out with the most cringeworthy of quotes. Some of them sound as if he half heard them at an overpriced motivational speaking seminar led by someone with orange skin and bright veneers in Las Vegas. Whereas some of his better utterances could have only originated in his unique brain.

After throwing down a bit of a gauntlet to new Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal, with his assertion that the competitiveness of the EPL will take the Dutchman by surprise, a stir was created among the media and fans this week. What Rodgers said wasn't really that inflammatory or strange by his standards though. So I thought I would take a look back at some of the more puzzling things he's said at Anfield as a point of comparison.

Without further adieu, here are eleven of the best Brendan Rodgers quotes:

  1. “I’ve always said that you can live without water for many days, but you can’t live for a second without hope.”
  2. "You train dogs, I like to educate players.”
  3. “I use a quote with the players, per aspera ad astra, which is Latin for ‘through adversity to the stars’.”
  4. "When you’ve got the ball 65-70% of the time, it’s a football death for the other team...It’s death by football.”
  5. "It was a perfect away performance, apart from the first 10 minutes.”
  6. "My biggest mentor is myself because I’ve had to study, so that’s been my biggest influence.”
  7. “We might be the little chihuahua that runs in between the legs of the horses.”
  8. “It was United’s ground, mostly their fans, but it was our ball,”
  9. "I will leave no stone unturned in my quest - and that quest will be relentless"
  10. “We play with 11 men, other teams play with 10 men and a goalkeeper.”
  11. "I always say a squad is like a good meal – I’m not a great cook but a good meal takes a wee bit of time, but also to offer a good meal you need good ingredients.”

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