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About two months ago, when we decided to dedicate our time to a new project called we had no idea where it would go. 73 days, 107 countries reached and over 50,000 views later, we are in awe and disbelief. With very little effort put into marketing and promotion, we’ve set out to do what we love most and that’s discuss the beautiful game of football. But within the first month or so, we realized that there are people out there, not only in our immediate circle of friends, who enjoy what we put forth and read it from all corners of the world.

So here are a few things you should know about us.

Who We Are:

We are (so far) just three guys who had grown up around football our entire life. Yes, we are the fellas you may see skip work just so we can watch a friendly match between Zimbabwe and Laos. And yes, we are the grown men who’s most prized possessions are some jerseys and a few old football programmes. We all have full-time jobs, and yet we dedicate our time to bring our readers numerous original pieces daily.

Who We Are Not:

We are not ESPN or Fox Soccer News. There is very little chance we’ll ever bring you an exclusive interview with Neymar. We are also not stand-up comics, although we try to bring as much humor to our writing as we can. We are also not a spam account or a betting site, so follow us assured that we will never send you an email about mail-order brides (unless they’re wearing a football shirt).

What We Write About:

While we try to stay as current as possible, we also like to bring up random football facts. We cover some football news, humor and tons of interesting and funny galleries.

On Mondays, we bring you “Football Rivalries” and various females wearing football shirts in “Football Club Babes”, while our writer Iain indulges in his “Monday Meltdowns”, talking about anything that may have ticked him off in football the week before.

On Tuesdays Pedro posts his “10 Reasons” and we like to take the day to post articles about all kinds of things that are related to the game. Outside of World Cup season we will review 5 matches we found most entertaining from around the world. Yes, we watch a lot of football.

On Wednesdays Kon brings his passion for beer and compares a single brew to a football player in his “Hopdays” piece. We also have our “Mid-Week Rants”.

On Thursdays we bring you “Throwback Thursdays”, a piece which can cover any footballing era except for the present, an opportunity for us to share football memories and epic moments of football past.

On Fridays we have "10 Questions with a Pro" where we talk to a pro footballer, coach or other member of the beautiful game. And we will recommend some matches you could watch over the weekend. A great post to check out if you would like to expand your football watching/streaming horizons, especially when the big leagues are on holidays.

Saturdays are random days filled with Galleries and other funny stories.

And on Sundays we bring you weekly Trivia and Pedro’s “Any Given Sunday”, an opportunity for him to be a little naughty with an uncensored version of whatever it is that’s on his football mind.

We strive to be like no other football blog or site out there, and we hope that you will join us for the ride. We encourage all of our readers to participate in discussion, and share your photos and experiences with us via our share form. Become a contributor and see your words come to life on our site.

If you enjoy what we do, we only ask for you to share us with your audience or friends.

Thank you for visiting our site,

With you in football,
Kon, Iain & Pedro at



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