Mascherano's Torn Anus

Getting to a World Cup Final requires a lot of hard work, determination, bravery, skill and discipline. 

On Wednesday night a berth in the World Cup Final ended up costing Argentina’s Javier Mascherano a torn anus. 

With the Netherland's Arjen Robben bearing down on goal, with little time to play in their Semi Final match, Mascherano slid in to deny the flying winger a goal that surely would have been the winner. 

After suffering a concussion earlier in the match it was incredible that Mascherano was on the pitch at all, but his timely block kept Argentina in it and they would later go on to win on penalties. 

The terrific tackle was not without the cost of a torn asshole though, as he later said during a press conference, "I do not want to be rude … I tore my anus on that play. That’s why I felt so much pain”.

It's understandable that he was in pain, in fact just the thought of what happened to him makes me clench my butt cheeks rather tight and pray that something like this never happens to me. A leaky defence is one thing, but a torn bung hole is far worse.

It's unclear at the point if he will play in the final on Sunday, but the if the rugged midfielder can't recover in time it will leave a gaping hole in Argentina's lineup, to go along with the tear in his poor sphincter.  



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