10 Signs You Are Having World Cup Withdrawal

We all suffer from World Cup withdrawal, but here are the 10 most visible signs.

Car Flags

Your team was eliminated in the group stages, the World Cup ended two days ago and you still have 4 flags in your car. You just don’t seem to be able to let it go. I understand that your national pride only comes out every four years, if your country makes it there otherwise back to the store to buy a new flag from Senegal, because God forbid you don’t jump on the bandwagon. The tournament is over take it down.


You find yourself tuning into CBC hoping to find a World Cup game or recap and instead you get a brand new episode of Coronation Street. If that doesn’t bring back to earth I am not sure what will. For those of you outside of Canada, just replace CBC with your regular local broadcast channel, and Coronation Street with a local soap opera. You will get the point.


You continue to wear your national team jersey even after the World Cup is over. You aren’t able to let it go yet, even if the regular club season and Champions League is just around the corner. It is time to put that jersey away so it still looks new four years from now when you will need it again.

Morning Newspapers

Check out the papers every morning looking for the game schedule of the day and preview reports. It will take at least a week for you to be able to shake this one off. I find it to be one of the most long lasting effects of the World Cup.

Too Much Time

You suddenly have six extra hours in the day that you not sure how to fill them up with. Boredom sets in, and sometimes after four days without games depression starts to creep in. Revert to checking PVR games that you haven’t deleted yet or perhaps rent Goal or Green Street Hooligans to bind you over until the club season gets underway.

Working Days

Working days seem longer without those lovely two hour breaks to watch the games in the cafeteria or streaming them on your computer. I guess you will just have to work and go back to being a productive team member. It is hard; it was an incredible month of pretending to work while watching the World Cup.

Checking Your Schedule

Friends invite you over for a BBQ and before you accept it you tell them that you need to check to see if there are any World Cup games on that day. It takes time for your biological clock to adjust to No World Cup time zone, in the meantime just be aware that you will sound like a complete douchebag and World Cup hipster.

Panini Stickers

You walk into a convenience store and ask for 10 packs of Panini stickers. They tell you that they don’t have it anymore; World Cup has been over for a week now. It is time to resort to Ebay if you really want to finish the set; otherwise you will just dump the book in a box and forget all about it until you move out of your parent’s basement.


Voices in your dreams start to sound like Tommy Smyth. This can be a serious side effect, while professional help is not needed, you should listen to Max Bretos to counterbalance the effect. If you start speaking in a fake British accent, at that point you will need medical assistance.


You find yourself biting the shoulder of your love one, and when confronted with it, your answer is “I am doing a Suarez, do you like my new move?” If this happens to you, and you are not Suarez, you will need to call Betty Ford Clinic and check yourself in.



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