Any Given Sunday - Fancy Cleats & Willy on Wheels

In today’s Any Given Sunday, I am going to take a look at two things I don’t understand, colorful cleats and obese people driving motorized carts.

 You are probably thinking, what these two things have to do with football, well, you are probably wondering that at least about one of them. Stick around and you will find out.

Colorful Cleats

During the World Cup, all the big shoe manufactures, like Nike, Adidas and Puma release new cleats and use the World Cup players to promote them to the masses. It is a great marketing strategy, after all the amount of people around the world tuning in to watch the matches, is far greater than what they could reach with any add. Some of the cleats are so flashy that it looks like you have a disco at your feet and I am ok with that.

I don’t have an issue if Neymar Jr has bright orange, lime, purple and silver cleats. Guys like him, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo can do it. They have the skills to back up the cleats. See, to me, the cleats color should be a reflection of the skill set of the person wearing them. Let me explain that, if you are a horrible player and can barely string two passes together and can’t play the game unless you have an Xbox controller in hand, than you should wear black shoes. If you know how to play but are not very good, you can have white, if you are a mini Neymar you can wear any color you want.
I call it, color coding. The cleats color should be a complete reflection of your own skill set. What bothers me is people going to stores and buying cleats designed for Cristiano Ronaldo, when they play like Stephen Hawking.

Give your head a shake and like The Rock would say, know your role and stop wearing those damn cleats. You suck!!!!

Obese Motorized People

It is Saturday morning and I am at the local grocery store trying to stock up on World Cup food so I can have a weekend of a king. I like to make sure I have everything I need so my World Cup viewing experience is as good as it can be. All was going well until I almost get run over by a motorized obese person doing more than the speed limit on isle 3.

I am going to throw a wild guess out there and say that the reason we don’t have obese football players is because they RUN. I am not asking you to run, I am asking you to walk, and perhaps you can walk slowly if that is more of your liking. All I want is to safely walk in my local grocery store, pick up supplies for what will be an epic weekend of World Cup football without getting run over by Free Willy on wheels.

Some of you are probably reading this and thinking, you are so rude, that person may have a medical condition. It isn’t a medical condition, it is a religious condition, and the bible called it gluttony.

Do some exercise, even if it means it’s looking for cookies from isle to isle. At the very least you are moving around and that is an improvement, because the less you do, the less your body will want to do.

 If you disagree or if you are an enlightened soul that happens to agree with me, leave me a comment below, just like Tim would say, comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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