6 Countries Who Won the World Cup at Home (Gallery)

This summer Brazil will attempt to become the seventh side to win the World Cup on home soil.

Although there are certain advantages to playing at home, the weight of expectation if you are one of the favorites can be difficult to shoulder. I vividly remember the intense pressure the Italian side was under in Italia 90, as the country expected them to win the tournament. In the end it wasn't that much of a surprise when they wilted against a poor Argentina side in Naples and lost on penalties in the Semi-Final.

It's like finding yourself in the arms of a hot brunette, but finding your wedding tackle out of order and being fresh out of Viagra. What could have been a brilliant night of triumph ends up being a limp disaster that you'll struggle to erase from your mind forever. Or so I've been led to believe. 

However, some sides have been able to rise to the occasion and have given their home fans a month to remember. The following are the teams that have won the World Cup at home:

Uruguay 1930 - The hosts defeated rivals Argentina 4-2 in the first World Cup Final

1930 World Cup

Italy 1934 - In a politically charged World Cup the hosts triumphed 2-1 over Czechoslovakia in the Final

1934 World Cup

England 1966 - Geoff Hurst scored the first, and so far only, hat-trick in a World Cup Final as West Germany were beaten 4-2

1966 World Cup

West Germany 1974 - Franz Beckenbauer led the hosts to a 2-1 win over a stylish Netherlands side in the World Cup Final

1974 World Cup

Argentina 1978 - Ticker tape rained down as Mario Kempes led Argentina to a 2-1 win over the Netherlands in the Final

1978 World Cup

France 1998 - France captured their first World Cup with a 3-0 win over Brazil in Paris

1998 World Cup



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